Monday, April 25, 2011

Lunch with Tommy D - Grand Opening of Ting Momo

Earlier this week my coworker told me about the new Tom Douglas gastropub Brave Horse located in South Lake Union. While talking about all of the new restaurants Tom Douglas was opening in the area we touched upon Ting Momo, his new Tibetan handmade dumpling restaurant. The food gods must have been smiling down upon us because when we looked up Ting Momo online we found out that day was the grand opening AND they were only open for lunch, perfect!

Ting Momo is located on Terry between Thomas and Harrison St and within walking distance of our office and right across the street from the new Amazon offices in South Lake Union. Ting Momo is located within a food lover's triplex of Cuoco which specializes in housemade pasta and Brave Horse the before mentioned gastropub.

When we arrived to the quaint restaurant with shareable tables there was a line to the door. Instead of taking a seat and waiting for a waiter to take your order, you stand in line, watching the workers (probably authentic Tibetans too) making the handmade dumplings. After squeezing in the door, Tom Douglas, the man himself, walked over and told the guy behind me, he was the last customer.

We decided on the Samo Plate which were fried dumplings filled with Carlton Farms pork, cumin, coriander, and apricot. The dumpling was flaky and buttery. The inside was a punch of flavor to my mouth, which tasted like spicy curried ground pork, all extinguished with the cool, yogurt dipping sauce.

Deciding to go family style, we also ordered the Tingmo Plate, which were soft steamed bread dumplings, instead of the fried variety. We went with the curried crimson eggplant, walla walla onion, and red curry. The bread dumplings were amazing and surprisingly soft and fluffy. Great flavor and made me forgive the fact that they were out of their other meat variety dumplings.

The lunch was a fun experience because we got to see Tom Douglas in action. I'm sure being the first day of operation for Ting Momo it was important for him to be there. It was fun to hear him barking orders to the cooks, urging them to work faster and to remember to check the soup so it wasn't too salty. He also served everyone's food too! Emi was disappointed I didn't ask him for his brussels sprouts and pork belly recipe. With him opening a new restaurant every day I'm sure Emi will track him down sooner or later.

A few observations:

  • They currently only serve lunch and are open M-F from 11am-3pm. Dinner to come soon.

  • Everything will be new to most Seattlelites so be open to trying something new: golden colorado yak, tingmo, momo, azag azog, thukpa soup

  • A Tom Douglas signature restaurant - my definition of "signature" - delicious, unique, leaving you craving for just a little bit more, and unfortunately a little pricey.

  • It looks like their Daily Specials will be the lunch time deals to take advantage of, 5 spice roasted duck, steamed buns, and dekyi sauce/ Coriander beef broth, beef momo, and scallions/ Chickpea curry, lentils, basmati rice.

Tasty food, great new find, and a fun lunch because I had Tom Douglas serve me my food. I hope to make it out a few more times to Ting Momo soon and highly recommend it to all of you as well.



  1. Ohh yummers! I went to Brave Horse and loved the environment and fancy pretzels with a gazillion different sauce options!

  2. Emi and I went there too one night and got the pretzel with smoked bacon, peanut butter, and honey. Really good.

  3. Cuoco is tasty, but the plates are too small. Cool vibe inside. Brave Horse is rad. I had the PB/Bacon Pretzel and loved it. PLUS, 2 SHUFFLEBOARD TABLES & OLY BEER ON TAP!