Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Malay Satay - Singapore in Seattle

In serious withdrawals from the amazing food we enjoyed in Singapore, we were super excited to re-discover Malay Satay in the ID off of Jackson. Emi's parents had taken us there a few times in the past, but we had completely forgotten about the place until some of the Singapore hunger pangs started to kick in.

We went out to celebrate Emi's mom's birthday. Her favorite drink there is the Avocado Shake. We also ordered "lime juice", but unfortunately they tasted more like normal limes instead of Kalamassi limes. A little too sour for my liking.

Malay Satay's version of roti prata. A little too thick and bready. It was good, but not the same as the flaky, thin, buttery roti from Singapore.

Emi's curry chicken. Similar to the dish she enjoyed for our last meal in Singapore, but not as sweet and of course, like most of the other dishes at Malay Satay not as authentic as the real thing.

I didn't find this dish in Singapore, but man oh man I love it here in Seattle; Singapore Rice Noodles. I love the thin noodles, with the spicy, curry sauce, vegetables and prawns. I could eat these noodles until I passed out. Love them, but again I didn't see them in Singapore.

Belachan string beans, with sauteed onions and prawns.

Malay Satay's version of chili crab, not the same as Long Beach Seafood in Singapore, but Emi said it was still pretty good. Sweeter and made with Dungeness crab, instead of the bigger Malaysian crabs.

All in all a decent meal and something different. If you want Malaysian, Indonesian, Singaporean food, there is no where else to go in the whole state of Washington. So if you want a taste of Singapore make sure to go check out Malay Satay and if you enjoy the meal, just keep in mind you'll love the food in Singapore by a multiple of at least ten.

- Kyle

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