Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Singapore - Eating in with the Booths

Even though we ate out for almost every meal of the trip to Singapore, one of our favorite meals was the one we ate in. Our hosts had an amazing condo in Singapore and being great cooks themselves wanted to treat us to a night in. It was the perfect change of pace and the meal was amazing and something we wanted to share with all of you.

Almost all of the recipes were from their favorite chef, Jamie Oliver. We've dabbled in his cookbooks before, but definitely want to try to recreate these dishes moving forward. We started off with a nice salad, which was definitely needed after days of fried rice and pork belly. It was probably time for healthy eating.

Really good green beans and asparagus with crispy garlic and cheese. I love garlic and cheese and the asparagus and green beans were great too. Definitely a recipe I need to find.

Smashed veggies, this was one of the highlights of the meal. I think it consisted of a lot of root vegetables and went really well with the main course. Emi found the recipe and made it for her parents and added truffle butter to it. This is the perfect side dish for any meat dish like a beef roast, lamb, etc. I'll make sure the recipe is posted in the near future.

A nice refreshing drink they made for us. Water with lemons, raspberries, cucumber, and mint. Just what we needed after a long day exploring the city.

Jamie and his $50 lamb shoulder. It was well worth the money which was also delivered to the door by the butcher shop. The lamb came marinated in olive oil, I need to do this. I guess lamb was expensive at the time because it came from New Zealand which had been hit by the earthquakes and floods so lamb was a little scarce.

Delicious, tender, juicy, garlic, mint lamb. I love me some lamb, not so much mutton, but lamb is amazing and this was amazing. I couldn't stop eating it.

Emi and me excited for our meal.

The house also smelled delicious from the aroma of the cooking lamb that wafted throughout the apartment. We had it in the oven for about 3 or 4 hours so my mouth was watering by the time we were ready to dig in.

Me picking at the last bits, soo good.

For dessert we picked up some macaroons. Macaroons are really popular it seems right now and after eating these I could see why! These were melt in your mouth, delicate, and sweet cookies. I've never had a proper macaroon before, but am looking forward to our trip to Paris this summer so that I can get more!

Great meal, great company, and it was nice to stay in a night yet keep up with the good eats. Thank you Carmen and Jamie!!

- Kyle

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