Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Singapore - Street Vendor Food Part 2: Singapore Food Trail, La Pa Sat, Amoy Street Food Centre

It's actually painful to write this blog post because I know the only way I can get another amazing meal like the ones described below would be to hop on a plane for 24 hours... So sad, but at least I have my photos, a few extra pounds of chub, and the memories to reflect upon.

One food center we went to on multiple occasions was the Singapore Food Trail which is at the base of the Singapore Flyer (giant ferris wheel that gives tourists a view of the whole city). Being that it's located next to a highly frequented tourist stop, the food is a little pricier, but still affordable while maintaining authenticity.

The idea behind the Singapore Food Trail is to recreate famous street vendor locations around the country.

Satay one of my favorite snacks of the trip. However I quickly learned they only serve satay for dinner and with dinner plans most nights this usually impeded my satay consumption time. I could eat satay for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Luckily on this day, we were there later in the evening, so they had the smokey, juicy satay all bbq'd up and ready for me to consume and the spicy peanut sauce on the side was great too.

We went back the last day before our flight to order more food which included fried rice and satay again. We also took ten satay to go for our flight back. They even packaged the peanut sauce in a to go bag for us that we ripped open sometime between Hong Kong and SF.

Katong Keah Kee Fried Oyster. Fried oyster omelet. This is the only dish the guy made and I read he took ten years as an apprentice to learn how to make it. If someone is making the same thing all day night in and night out with a long line in front of it, I'm eating it. Don't care what it is, I have to try it.

The finished product served with a little hot sauce. This was very rich, but really good and I enjoyed the oysters.

One of the more unique dishes, Emi and I have ever tried was the BBQ stingray and it was really good. One might assume it would be a little tough, but it was very tender and flaky. Also on the side were these giant weird looking crawfish, it was more giant prawn like texture over lobster and very good.

Me capturing for you.

One of my favorite drinks was the fresh sugar cane juice. Here's a guy making it. He would grab stalks of sugar cane and stuff it through this juicer that would crush it all up and squeeze the pulp and juice out for the sweet and refreshing drinks.

The very refreshing finished product, almost as good as lime juice. This is probably why I enjoy Mexican cokes made from sugar cane over a normal Coke.

Emi's Ice Kachong dessert. It wasn't like a Hawaiian shaved ice at all. Not melt in your mouth shaved ice, but more like an ice cone. We weren't sure what all the flavors were, probably melon, sugar cane, and random flavor? Also they had red beans in the bottom. Didn't compare to the sweetness of an authentic Hawaiian shaved ice, but something we wanted to try.

The Amoy Street Food Centre during the lunch hour. This place is located a quick walk away from our hosts office. This would be bad news for me... I would probably need to pack a change of clothes after eating the delicious spicy food in this hot humid weather. Otherwise I would head back sweaty and sticky. We had the amazing spicy fried chicken rice here.

The famous and even more packed La Pa Sat located next to the financial district. This place again was packed with business people. Probably a little overwhelming if you're not prepared for such a large mass of people, however with all of the food options and how fast everyone cycles through you never have to wait in line all that long.

This place had all sorts of soups and was very popular for lunch, but I also noticed they had Xiao Long Bao or the soup dumplings that have become the rage of Seattle with the introduction of Din Tai Fung.

I thought this was cool, I've seen people make fresh noodles by hand on TV, but never in person. What a freaking master, he's holding a block of dough and slicing off noodles into the soup. Very cool.

The hot, flavorful soup balls and they were perfect. They took a little while to make, but were well worth the wait and they murdered Din Tai Fung, they need to start up a chain out here in the States too!

Chicken murtabak which is roti prata filled with a cheesy, chicken, and onion mixture. A very delicious greasy snack. Almost like a flaky, greasy Indian quesadilla.

I wanted more food, so of course picked up some more pork belly. I can never have enough pork belly and this was a great way to end our amazing meal at La Pa Sat.

We had an amazing time in Singapore and obviously ate a lot of delicious food. Hopefully our posts will inspire others to take the plunge into Singapore because you won't regret it.

- Kyle


  1. La Pa Sat was so cool! Jeremy and I had some great Indian food there. Mmmm ... memories ...

    And sidenote, how do you remember all these details about food or a meal? Do you take notes as you eat?

  2. Meals like this are etched into my memory. I tried taking notes, but it took away from my eating so stopped that after meal #1.

  3. hmmm pork belly!!!! great posts Kyle!