Thursday, April 28, 2011

Dinner at The Loft

One of my favorite dinner spots in Edmonds is a small, hip, modern restaurant called The Loft. We've been there a few times in the past for a late night bite to eat or drinks, but never for dinner. Honestly, it's mainly because of the price, however we recently had something to celebrate and a $25 for $50 Groupon.

We decided to share all of our food in order to try multiple dishes. We started with their beet and blood orange salad. Sweet and refreshing.

My favorite small dish at The Loft - Truffle Fries! They serve the fries with Truffle oil, salt and herbs, black pepper, and a Dijon bechamel sauce on the side. The bechamel sauce was good, but call me a truffle purist because that's all I need.

Me enjoying my truffle fries.

Spicy Pancetta Pesto Prawns - pancetta wrapped black tiger prawns, sauteed with chili basil pesto, spicy butter, grilled romaine heart, and grilled crostini. Spicy, savory, and delicious. Basically a combination of all of my favorite flavors.

We ended with the melt off the bone tender braised short rib. Slow braised beef, truffle mushroom risotto, roasted pistachios, Marsala demi glaze, shaved Grana Padano cheese. I had risotto the week earlier at Mama Melinna and this risotto blew that one out of the water. You really can't go wrong with a slow cooked braised short rib and this one did not disappoint.

Amazing meal, fun little location, and a great restaurant we highly recommend. If you want to get out and try something different, make sure to come up to downtown Edmonds to check out The Loft. Also they have an outdoor set up as well which will be perfect for the summer. We just need it to warm up a little.

- Kyle

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