Sunday, May 1, 2011

Trattoria Pinocchio

Having just landed in San Francisco after our gluttonous trip through Singapore, what was the first thing we decided to do? Well eat of course and if you didn't guess that, you are probably visiting this blog for the first time.

Since it was around 9pm we weren't sure where to go, but ultimately decided on Little Italy. The first place we found we went into and the food was great. Not uncommon in San Francisco, I wouldn't recommend the same strategy in Seattle though. The place we decided on was Trattoria Pinocchio and it was a first for Emi and myself.

Emi ordered the Raviolli di Vitello - house made veal ravioli with sweet cream, butter and fresh sage leaves. Honestly you can't go wrong with house made pasta. Usually the simpler the sauce the better and in this case definitely true.

My friend ordered the Portobello alla Griglia - fresh grilled portobello mushrooms with sun dried sauteed tomatoes on a bed of arugula with shaved parmigiano and pine nuts.

I went with the traditional Spaghetti alla Bolognese - veal and beef ragu sauce. Not sure why, but recently I have been magnetically drawn to bolognese. I can't get enough of it and after dishes like this one, I just want more.

It was fun to be welcomed back to the States with an amazing meal in San Francisco. We have been eating a lot more Italian food as of late since we're prepping for our Mediterranean cruise this summer.

Where are some of your favorite Italian restaurants?

- Kyle

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