Thursday, May 5, 2011

1st BBQ of the Year

This past weekend was the first time all year the temperature exceeded 60 degrees here in Seattle. It had been waaay too long since the last time we saw the sun and warm weather. With that in mind, I decided it was time to BBQ! I dropped by Central Market and picked up some Porterhouse steaks for Emi and myself to enjoy. We also had some frozen lobster tails that Emi had purchased earlier to add to the meal.

mmmmm steak and lobster, I've never BBQ'd lobster before, but it added a great flavor to the lobster tails. Since they weren't completely thawed out when I threw them on the BBQ, I had to cook them a little longer to get them all the way cooked through.

Emi made a garlic, sage butter to dip the decadent lobster tails in. She sauteed garlic and sage in the melted butter and also caramelized some onions on the side to serve with our steak. What an amazing, just what we needed meal and to top it all off you know we had to crack open a bottle of wine.

I also picked up a dozen Dabob Oysters for us to enjoy as appetizers. Nothing makes me happier than a nice meal in with the family and I'm happy I can finally start grilling again!

- Kyle

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  1. Starting the BBQ season off right! That looked delicious!