Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Incredible, Edible Duck Egg

I have recently decided that nothing is better than an oozy, creamy, undercooked egg. I compare it to eating a rare or medium rare steak. If you cook it anymore than that what's the point? You lose all the flavor and it becomes a cheap, tough piece of meat. Same thing with an egg, not that they are too pricey, but I want that oozy yolk all over whatever else I'm eating too, when it's overcooked, what's the point!

Recently Emi purchased a dozen duck eggs from our favorite new local market The Resident Cheesemonger in downtown Edmonds. They buy the eggs fresh and local from a farm that also sells them every weekend at the Edmonds Farmer's Market. The eggs are larger than chicken eggs and spotted a little differently. Plus add on a few extra bucks per dozen, but it's well worth the cost.

When comparing a duck egg to a chicken egg, I would say the duck egg is larger, more flavorful, and creamier. Decadent in comparison to a measly chicken egg and it can top anything, as you'll soon see below. We also saw photos of the ducks the last time we went to the Farmer's Market and they do look like happy ducks. The photos showed the flock of white ducks freely waddling around the farm and with the recent rainy weather the farmer told us the ducks have been very happy because I guess they are one of the few residents of the Pacific Northwest that actually enjoy the rain!

Now on to the food. We cooked the duck egg the same way every time, but we paired with something different each time and so far we've learned you really can't go wrong. Emi crisped up some greens in the oven and added sea salt and topped it with the fried duck egg. The greens were nice and crispy and when you broke into the yolk you got the creamy flavor of the duck egg with the crispy texture of the greens.

Duck egg on salad, Emi made a salad with olive oil, aged balsamic, salt and pepper, romaine and fried pancetta. She also oven baked the egg, which again when we broke the yolk added the perfect amount of richness to the dressing.

Emi boiled some asparagus and topped it with a duck egg, sea salt, and Parmesan cheese. Earlier in the week (forgot to take a photo) I barbecued some white asparagus and then topped it with the egg. Frickin Amazing! The white asparagus was juicy, tender, and smoky from being on the grill and when topped with the egg a perfect side dish to our meal.

Last, but not least duck egg for breakfast. Emi toasted an English muffin and topped it with the egg and Parmesan cheese and served it with bacon on the side. Nothing is better than sopping up all of the bacon fat, egg yolk, and salt with a piece of English muffin.

If you can find them I highly recommend you try out duck eggs. As you can see they are great on everything and add that added bit of flavor and richness that everyone can enjoy.

- Kyle

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