Monday, May 23, 2011

Pie - The new cupcake - High 5 Pie

Move over cupcakes, it's time for pie! After a night out in Capitol Hill, what did we do, but go back. We wandered around on a Sunday morning and were surprised to find the most crowded shop in Capitol Hill was a pie shop. High 5 Pie to be more specific because what do people crave on Sunday morning; pie and coffee??? Probably why the country is becoming more and more obese, but that's another issue not meant for this blog :).

Look at all of those delicious pies! Emi settled on the maple blueberry for a dinner party that night with her family. This was back near the end of March, so can't wait to see what type of pies they have in the summer because I love me some berry pies. I've never been much of a cake fan, probably because I don't eat a lot of chocolate. Cupcakes were a nice change of pace, but are getting a little old, so maybe pies really are the way to go.

They even have piepops for those of you who can't or are embarrassed to eat a whole pie by yourself, get yourself a piepop instead. I didn't try one, but I've heard these are pretty popular in the pie shop circle, so I'm sure I'll get suckered into one soon enough.

I went with the "flipside" pie with the apple filling. To be honest, didn't live up to my expectations, I wanted more gooey apple filling. The crust was flaky and decent, but all in all not exactly what I was hoping for, not to say it was bad, just not great.

I did think this shirt was pretty awesome. They had these for sale inside their shop and also online. Who doesn't love heart healthy dripping butter?

I've heard there are some great pie shops around town, there's Pie in Fremont, never been, but heard it's great and then I really want to go The Seattle Pie Company because Emi's family picked up a pie from there once and it was the best pie ever.... mmm peach crumb pie, can't wait to enjoy that again this summer.

- Kyle


  1. You should visit Shoofly Pie in West Seattle (across the street from Spring Hill), it's the best pie shop in Seattle!

  2. Sounds good, West Seattle has all sorts of great eateries. We need to make it out there more often.