Thursday, May 26, 2011

Time to Diet - Cutting back on the booze

With the past few month being full of celebrations (trip to Singapore, my birthday, celebrating a new job, Cinco de Mayo), we've been eating and drinking to excess. With our Mediterranean Cruise quickly approaching we've decided it's time to cut back and whip our butts in shape. Time to cut back on extra carbs, eat lots of lean protein, vegetables, hit the gym everyday, and cut back on the booze....

Of course the first thing we did was go to Esquin and drop a few hundred....

As we've said many times before Esquin is the bomb (taking it back to the 90s) and we can't control ourselves when we go there. The tally totaled up because we found our favorite Ross Andrew limited release wine Glaze, which is his "economical" cabernet sauvignon and along with other random favorite wines, we bought a case of Distant Bay Cab. This is Arnie Macmillan's (the master at Esquin) favorite cheap wine. We enjoyed it last time, so figured it would always be good to have on hand, especially after being a few bottles in at a dinner party where no one can tell the difference between a $30 and $6 bottle of wine.

Probably the next day we went to QFC because they had a buy 8 bottles get 20% off deal. So of course we stocked up on one of our favorites the Alamos Malbec and prosecco. With all of the temptation around over the past few weeks, I'm surprised to say we've shown great self control. And at least next time we have people over we're fully stocked!

- Kyle

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